Toronto Short Film Festival

Showcasing International Short Films

Toronto Short 2024

Toronto Short will return to the Paradise Cinema on 1006 Bloor St. West, Wednesday March 13th to Sunday March 17th, in the evenings.

We’ll be screening over 120 short films in all genres! Please find the schedule below.

Tickets will be available soon! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates.


Wednesday March 13th, 6pm
I Like To Think Of Love by Gaele Sobott
amalgaMOTION: We Move As One by Adam Daniel Mezei, Crystal Finn-Dunn
End Of The Line by Marc Salvatore Lajoie
A Hopeful Lament by Jared Rothblott, Telly Bitsakakis
Not Like Us by Freddie Powell
Trailblazers by John Campbell
Sour Love by Benjamin Del Vasto
Room 57 by Mazdak Taebi
Just A Friend by Courtney Deelen
The Curtain by Leslie-Ann Coles


Wednesday March 13th, 8pm: Documentaries 1
Controlled Chaos by Deepi Ahluwalia
The Way Of The Wing by Mateen Manek
Kathak: The Dance of Storytellers by Pragati Kaushal
GRG Cult: Brampton’s Avengers by Dayquan Johnson
Voice To Be Heard by Lila Rios
City Bird by Jenna Dodman
Waiting For Justice by Matt LeMay & Crystal Martin


Wednesday March 13th, 10pm
Cream by Kenny Heintz & Mark Hoyne; music by Jay Wiltzen
Clouded by Aidan Crosbie
Little Luna by Tara Strickland, Lincoln Durham
Cage by Rumi Kaul
Aced It by Lucy Belgum
Purga by Gintarė Valevičiūtė Brazauskienė, Antanas Skučas
Fire + Powder by Mike David Allan Gallant


Thursday March 14th, 6pm
Holy Moly Meteorite by V. Leigh
Falling by Olly Wood
To the Moon & Back by Amanda Besl
Joel + Julia by Adeel Shamsi
Interrogation by JD Smith
The Delivery by Tope Babalola
Stay Put by Christian Tribuzio


Thursday March 14th, 8pm
Rejected Applebee’s Commercial by Jake Sauve
Nicotine Hallelujah by Päter
Between Us by Zhuoni Zhang
Worm by Emily Milling
For Pete’s Sake by Max Sun, Massimo Russo
Second Life by Darrin Rose
Fool’s Game by Laurence Roberts
A Last Push For Love by Pierre Gregory
Could You Take My Equipment? by Sheila Warren


Thursday March 14th, 10pm: Documentaries 2
U=U: Undetectable, Untransmittable, and Undeniably Fierce! by David Roston
Love Letter To Glasgow by Myria Christophini
Jacques Cartier’s Doctrine of Discovery by Alex Bezeau
Feeling the Apocalypse by Chen Sing Yap
Family Strands by Matthew Popadyn
Penalty of She by Sarah Elizabeth Holman
Get Bucked by Lucas Greenough
Uproot by Queena Liu
Migrant Lives in Pandemic Times by Sophia Burton, Bernadette Klausberger


Friday March 15th, 6pm
Tales Of The Hunted by Téa Mancini
Karen’s Day Off by Anthony Tran
Don’t Forget by Jeremy Stuart Thompson
Hola, Farewell by Malu Solis
Collections by Felipe Urrea
The Limerence Effect by Sydney Emrys
Fortune Cookie by Matt Snell


Friday March 15th, 8pm: Experimental Shorts
Monarch Sombrero by Lisa Murray
Concealed by Gemma Eva, Maria Hausmann
Silhouettes by Luis Rodolfo Pinto
Now Hear This! by Steve Koven, David Fleishman
The Idealist by Amr Moamen
The Edge by Recep Akar
A Stumble Cry Perhaps by John Barnard
ISMFH (I’m Still Motherfucking Here) by Robyn Hayle, Caroline Macfarlane
The Afterlife by Genevieve Sugrue
This is What the World Looks Like When You’re Gone by Steen Starr
What The River Taught Me by Martin Leon, Felix St-Jacques


Friday March 15th, 10pm
Autumn Leaves by Elizabeth Lewis
Reminiscence by Mieka Tabart
Tooth Regeneration by David Klitovchenko, Ken Yu
Homegrown by Daniela Loeza
The Line by Myriam Guérin
Victim by Sebastián Vives
Score For Scene 7 by Lizzie Han
Under The Same Roof by Daniela Rojo


Saturday March 16th, 6pm
Wonderbread by Alistair Brown
Couscous Salad by Morèna Lagrandeur
Slate by Nika Zbasnik
Like Family by Leah Walker
Le Magasin Des Compliments by Titouan Laporte
Choice by Yunjie Wu
Passage by Hank Devos
One To Five Minutes by Kelsea MacKay


Saturday March 16th, 8pm
Promise Me I’ll Leave by Aymeric Haefflinger, Clément Arlotti
Twin Sparks by Ollie Yao, Heather Yun
Three Sheets To The Wind by Dorian Burns-Coyne
Every Other Weekend by Geneviève Goupil
Stigma by Reilly Saso
Going Going by Fiona Highet
The Safe House by Sanket Joshi
The Elevator Ride by Stephanie Lee
The 5% by Alexandra Hickox, Nathan Hughes-Berry


Saturday March 16th, 10pm
Learning To Rollerblade by Kaylin Rizer Allshouse
Dinner For Six by Emily Kranking
Mr. Lankly’s Tall Tales by Tania Goncalves
Musical Angels by Saul Pincus
Circle Of Life by Amey Pedrelli
The Breakup by Jenna Harder
Starry Eyed by Al Braatz
Kay Sara Sara by Arjun Dinakar


Sunday March 17th, 6pm: Horror & Thriller Shorts
Let Me In by Camilo Andres Giraldo
It’s At The Door by Adam Marley
115 by André Gogola, Vito Gogola
Insect by Cherelle Ann Sarah Higgins
Hot Local Singles Are In Your Area by Peter Sreckovic
Sisterhood by Heather Woolridge
Please Eat Organic by Jacob Thompson
Showpiece by Mathew Ouzounis


Sunday March 17th, 8pm
How To Have A Sore Knee by Keith C Richardson
Synchronise by Jacob Mackay
Where My Branches Stem by Teresa Kuo
Open Wide by Connor McLellan
Running With Robots by Ambivalently Yours & Sanita Fejzić
Bye Bye Baby by Leah Vlemmiks
Outer Reaches by Karl Redgen
In Between by Christie Pawluch


Sunday March 17th, 10pm
My Time Machine Is Broken by Jason Naylor
Hommage/Picaroon by Shawn Kosmerly
The Shepherds by Woody Ray Tucker
Never Shake The Devil’s Hand by Pierre Gregory
Lemons by Matt Handy
You, Forever by Brenda Kovrig
The Pros And Cons Of Killing Yourself by Ravi Steve Khajuria