Toronto Short Film Festival

Showcasing International Short Films


Toronto Short 2021 ran online, using Eventive, March 21st-30th.

2021 Award Winners

Best Short Film
Visible (Maryan Haye, Carol Liu)

Best Short Documentary
I’m Gonna Play Loud (Charity Marsh)

Best LGBT Short
The Biggest Little (Erica Kennedy)

Best Experimental Short
Relapsing/Remitting (Gillian Butcher)

Best Horror Short
The Young Wife (Cleo Brown)

Best Sci-Fi Short
Her Coming (Christie Will Wolf)

Best Animated Short
Wendigo (Daniel Cuervo Arévalo)

Best Music Video
Love Song (Yuki Kubo)

Audience Awards
I’m Gonna Play Loud (Charity Marsh)
The Makeup (Ronny Rose)
In The Zone (Marissa Bondi)
Redass (Danny Di Giovine, Jeff Garneau)
What Really Matters (Karrie Kwong)


2021 Schedule

Shorts Block 1
Untie by Lane Michael Stanley
Lost Vegas by Megan Landry
Ollie Wride: Back to Life by Brad A. Kinnan
The Poem by Matt Handy
Kaudo (The Gift) by Natalie Paton
Visible by Maryan Haye, Carol Liu

Shorts Block 2
The Anti-Queens – Run by Caity Hall
GMT +8-5 by Freya Yeh
Mama by Adam Pandey
How Was I Supposed To Know by Tim Janssens
Fear In Motion by Jean-Christophe Yacono
Curbside Pickup by Hingman Leung
The Tupperware Party by Kimberley Wells
The Maidenswood by Kasia Peruzzi
Voice of the Heart by Fang Tong

Documentaries Block 1
Nuxalk Radio by Banchi Hanuse
Not Just Pets by Stanley A. Papulkas
The Drag Manifesto by Felipe Follador
Beyond Culinary: Newfoundland by Giulia Frisina
Missed Connections by Kassy Gascho, Melissa Jones
Livelihood by Zac Strevens

Experimental Block 
Our Journey by Joe Bluhm, Burcu & Geoffrey
Beyond Frames by Carlo Guttadauro
Sentiment Logistics by Sal Cooper
Phase Transition by Roberto Turani
Love Song by Yuki Kubo
Relapsing/Remitting by Gillian Butcher
Geneva Jacuzzi’s Casket by Chris Friend
The Last Adjunct by Dorothea Braemer
Pandemia by Lydia Zimmermann
Bow Violin by Anne Xiulan Côté
Joey by Jessica Hinkson, Laura Nordin

Shorts Block 3
The Snow Ball by Rick MacDonald
Yuluu by Fatima Kried
Little Girl Grace by Taz Lake
Grand Theft UBER by Chandra Chan
The Only Asian by Michael Chan
Momifesto by Becca Willow Moss
The Eye and Eye’s Delight by Marshall Pynkoski
The Biggest Little by Erica Kennedy

Shorts Block 4
That Thing You Did by Stefan Kuchar
The Gentle Art Of Violence by Andrew Przybytkowski
Perfect by Daniel Epega
Nanuk & Bibi by Darcie Bernhardt, Carmel Farahbakhsh
No Piano by Pierre-Alexis Tremblay
Simple Sense by Mark Datuin
How To End A Conversation by Gregory J. M. Kasunich
Then There Was One by Francis Luta
What Really Matters by Karrie Kwong
The Makeup by Ronny Rose
Documentaries Block 2
Choosing Words by Andrew Bateman
Toronto 2020 by Shane Roberts
Free To Be by Ugenia Stokes
I’m Gonna Play Loud by Charity Marsh

Sci-Fi & Horror Block
Swiped by Edward J. Douglas
M1M.IC by José Gustavo Calderón
Alone Together by Robert Bazzocchi
In The Zone by Marissa Bondi
Romance In Outer Space by Evgeniy Bykovets
Pay to Play by Hayden Flynn
Her Coming by Christie Will Wolf
Wendigo by Daniel Cuervo Arévalo
We All Dream by Daniel Stark
Shorelines by Tara Grundmanis
The Battle of the Faith by Robin Anctil
The Young Wife by Cleo Brown

Shorts Block 5
Day XXI by Alen Xhafa
Aces by John Bregar
The Flexed Arm Hang by Findlay Brown
Wake by Katie Beard, Naomi Turner
Drinking Again by Clint Mouriño
Snowbird by Sadiah Rahman
Falling In by Theo Kim

Shorts Block 6
Matt Dusk- Summer Wind by Ward Anderson
Namidagawa by Maki Rankin, Mark Rankin
Little Star by Theodore Adnet-Bruce
King by Peter Dobson
Time Trippin’ (A Bunker Bill Podcast) by Ian Johnston
In A Pickle by Jennifer Gelfer, Terra Henderson
Echo by Félix Baudouin
Bitter Parts by Michael Middelkoop
Rotten by Milana Glumicic
Uncle Vlad by Kyle McCachen
Redass by Danny Di Giovine, Jeff Garneau